Bree Hughes isn’t used to being a standout, so it’s hard to say what’s a bigger shock—the guy she likes reciprocating, or her landing a spot on the Prom Court. But the latter comes with an explanation: the spot freed up when it was declined by Maisey Morgan, who was voted in as a joke. And despite Bree’s attempt to reach out to her and make things right, there’s too much darkness in Maisey’s life to make room for an offer of light, and the girl Bree barely knew commits suicide…and leaves her a note explaining why. Haunted by Maisey’s death and the secret behind it, nothing in Bree’s life is quite the same, and she’ll have to seek the help to get through it or risk losing herself to her newfound fears and pain. -book description written by Dahlia Adler

Praise for Liars and Losers Like Us

“This is an engaging read for anyone who enjoys stories of high school drama and popularity, coupled with the sometimes painful, anxious ride of adolescence. The author writes this story with bits and pieces of her own experience as a survivor of abuse, encouraging teens to stand up for the truth. VERDICT A relatable supplemental purchase.” –School Library Journal

“While the final scenes of the novel are reminiscent of a John Hughes’ movie, complete with the perfect kiss after prom, this novel embraces heavier things as well and is certain to appeal to readers who want to see justice served and love trump hate. Pair with Thirteen Reasons Why (2007), by Jay Asher, and Prom (2005), by Laurie Halse Anderson, for readers’ advisory recommendations.” —Booklist

"A twisty, addictive story brimming with hilarious characters, prom drama, and, yes, heart."—Marci Lyn Curtis, author of The One Thing

"Poignant and hilarious in turns, Liars and Losers Like Us is a deeply real portrait of the high school landscape. Allen-Vath shows us that you can't believe everything you see when it comes to other people."—
Liz Czukas, author of Top Ten Clues You're Clueless

"Liars and Losers Like Us is a story of secrecy, pain, and, self-awareness artfully wrapped in snort-laugh-out-loud humor and heart-melting romance, as the best and truest adolescent tales are. Bree Hughes is a YA heroine to remember."—
Dahlia Adler, author of Behind The Scenes, Under The Lights and Just Visiting

"Liars and Losers Like Us tackles all the hard things, like Bree's struggle with panic attacks, while delivering prom shenanigans and a swoon-worthy romance. You should read this book for the Bree-Sean banter alone."
Rachael Allen, author of The Revenge Playbook and 17 First Kisses

"Witty, heartbreaking, and extremely thoughtful, Liars and Losers Like Us will take you on a roller coaster ride to prom that will leave you breathless and wanting more."–
Natasha Sinel, award-winning author of The Fix

“Liars and Losers Like Us is an honest and poignant look at first love, bullying, and the tempestuous tides of high school popularity. Bree’s struggles with anxiety and her true-to-life love-hate relationship with being in the limelight had me rooting for her from page one, and Ami Allen-Vath’s careful handling of the subject matter results in a story where winning doesn’t mean getting a crown; it means developing compassion and understanding for the people around you.”–
Francesca Zappia, author of Made You Up

"Drama, wit, and romance make Liars and Losers Like Us a thoroughly compelling read, with a strong undercurrent of compassion for those with hidden pain."–
Rachel Wilson, author of Don't Touch

"Quirky and sometimes awkward, Bree Hughes is a realistic character that will have you laughing out loud even while you're contemplating the way you treat people. With fast pacing and a unique cast of characters, Liars and Losers Like Us will inspire you to make the most of every moment you have."–
Sarah Schmitt, author of It’s a Wonderful Death


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Liars and Losers Like Us was published by SkyHorse/Sky Pony Press on March 22, 2016 and is available now.

You can buy it from your local bookstore (Indie Bound)Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and you can also request your library to order it. Bonus! See below for ordering signed copies from one of my local bookstores!


Ami Allen-Vath

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