Ami Allen-Vath

YA Author

​Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy your book?

Thanks for asking! Best place to buy it is from your local independent bookstore. If that's not an option, check out my "Books" page for a list. Bonus: Requesting my book (and other books you love) from your local library is a great and much appreciated way to support authors. 

Can you read my query, chapters, or book?

I'm flattered you would ask! Unfortunately, I just don't have the time. As a parent, I am short on time as it is. I'm always writing the next book, revising, editing, and CPing/reading the work of a group of authors I already have a working relationship with. A great way to find readers/CPs isAgentQueryConnect,, and by asking around in the writing community onTwitter.

How do I get published?

Easy! J/K it's not easy but if you've written a book, you are amazing and you should be very proud of yourself because writing a book from start to finish is hard.

Although I do not give referrals to my agent or publisher, I can suggest the following: edit and revise your book. Step away from it for a month or so. Revise and edit some more. Have a couple CPs (critique partners) and beta readers read and critique your work. This part is tough because it's easy to hear the good, but not so easy to hear the bad and ugly and what needs work. But listen and follow your gut. Unless your gut tells you your book is perfect and ready to be front shelf and centerstage at your local bookstores. Revise and edit some more.

Then, write a kick ass query. Write a bad ass synopsis. Query agents and also follow their sub guidelines. If you gain agent representation, yay! That means a professional in the publishing world has fallen in love with your book and thinks they can sell it. Congrats! From there, you will probably do a little or lot more revising and editing.

Then, your agent will start sending your book out to editors of publishing houses. You may or may not get an offer on this book. If you don't, don't give up. You have other books to write! If you get an offer, congrats! Someone else has fallen in love with your book and so have some other people at the publishing house. They want to buy your book and sell it! This is exciting and after some agent contract stuff, more revisions and edits between you and your editor and their team, your book will be published!

And that's one of the ways you can do it.

I highly suggest the sites I recommended  on this post  I wrote for Team Rogue YA. It has some great info and links that'll be of great support in your writing and publishing journey. Good luck!

Infrequently Asked Questions: 

What is your favorite color sock? Argyle.

 What kind of candy is worthless but you'd probably eat on year two of the apocalypse if that's all you had? Licorice. Red or Black.

Guilty pleasures? I know where this question is leading but I'll never feel guilty about my undying love for the greatest boy band of all time, New Kids On The Block.